How Feeding Tarpons Relates to You and Your Business

Hey there,Ben Pate here signing in from Islamorada, FL on a family vacation.So why am I emailing you, you’re probably wondering right???Well lets just say I had an epiphany that I wanted to share that I believe may be what you need to get you and your business to the next level.You see, we’ve been talking about this family vacation for 10+ years.


My mom was going to take the lead but obviously it just wasn’t getting done.

Why wasn’t it getting done?

It wasn’t a lack of money, desire or motivation.

She was paralyzed from a lack of CLARITY and wanting it to be PERFECT.

Lack of clarity in..

What dates work for everyones’ schedule?
What venue to support the big family?
How to make it perfect vacation?

These seemingly small details are the reason why we’ve had one family vacation in the past 10 years instead of 10!

What’s holding you back right now from living the lifestyle that you want to live?

Stop waiting to have it all figured out and press forward.

FACT— As I’m writing this a bird just pooped on my head (fortunately I’m wearing a hat) and I just remembered that the same happened to my mom on our last family vacation prob 15 years ago!!! No joke. I guess that’s a good sign and means good luck…

Ok back to you…

Erase the mindset that’s holding you back and get ready to get stuff done this coming week #GSD

Remember DONE is better than PERFECT!



That’s it for now. Time for me to get back to the family and feeding Tarpons at Robbie’s.


Ben Pate

P.S. Here’s a link to a presentation I did at the Local Marketer Exchange where I shared a bunch of great info including how to get free phone calls with Google Adwords.



How to Get New PPC Clients in 10 Steps


I know you’re busy so I’ll jump right into it.

I’m writing you today to give the exact system that my clients and I have been using for the past year to find and close new PPC clients.

These are BIG deals worth thousands to tens or hundreds of thousands to your bottom line.

But here is the kicker, most of my clients were completely *NEW* to PPC.

Like Jeff who landed the whale for $1,500 on thirty minutes of work then backed that up with 10k monthly recurring. (links to hangout where he tells how he did it)

For the first time since I first revealed the system a year ago, I’m now doing it again.

Ok here it is. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and dive in.

Step 1) Determine Niche

What industry are you going to target?

  • Get ideas by looking at businesses advertising in your area
  • Coupon magazines, phone books, newspapers
  • What niches do you already have insider knowledge of?
  • What niches are making money and have high customer value?

Step 2) Find businesses advertising with Google Adwords

Don’t try to educate them on something new, instead help them with something they’re already doing, but doing a bad job at.

  • Determine relevant keywords from chosen niche
  • Search Google for those keywords
  • Search SEMRush or SpyFu for those keywords

Step 3) Pre-Qualify

Don’t waste your time with low dollar time suckers.

  • Is your chosen niche spending a decent amount on Google Adwords?
    • If not, then consider another niche
    • Find with SpyFu or SEMRush
  • Gather list of prospects with estimated ad spend > $1,000
  • Gather list of prospects with estimated ad spend > $10,000
  • Remember the low dollar clients are a bigger time suck
  • Focus on the higher dollar clients as much as possible

Step 4) Complete Mini-Audit

Find the pain and agitate it. The more problems you find the bigger the opportunity.

  • Find problems with their website and ads
  • Are they split testing?
  • Are they using a call to action in their ads?
  • Are the Display URLs optimized?
  • Do the top three ads contain Ad Extensions (Sitelinks, Call, Location)
  • Mobile optimized website?

Step 5)  Make Contact

It’s time to reach out to let them know, “Houston we have a problem” :)

  • Research business to learn of contact info and personel
  • Contact the prospect
  • Start with email and then follow up with phone
  • Get past the gate keeper
    • Did I catch you at a bad time?
    • Who is the best person to speak to about some issues with the Google Adwords account?
    • I’m calling/emailing about your Google Adwords account with glaring issues that are costing you money
  • Conversion action is a second appointment

Step 6) Retract and Qualify

You’re busy and can’t work with everyone, so make sure they’re a good fit.

  • Once they are hooked let them know you can’t work with everyone
  • Tell them you need to ask them a couple further questions to make sure they qualify
  • Verify how much they are spending per month with Google
  • Verify they have access to the Adwords account (some businesses that are working with agencies like ReachLocal don’t have access to their account)
  • Set second appointment to review your findings

Step 7) The Meeting

It’s time to show them what they’re doing wrong.

  • Show up early
  • Dress for the job you want
  • Be prepared with business card, notepad, pad and paper
  • First tell them a little about you and your company
  • Present your mini-audit findings
  • Integrate trial closes throughout the meeting
    • Does this make sense?
    • Do you see why this is important?
    • Did you learn something today?

Step 8) Close the Deal

You’ve demonstrated they could be doing better and you have the knowledge and the team to fix what’s wrong.

  • After you’ve presented your findings sit quiet for a moment
  • Give them a chance to speak up
  • With any luck THEY ask YOU “what’s next?”
  • If they don’t speak up, simply ask, “do you want some help fixing these things?”
  • If they want your help, you sell them the full-audit
    • Internal look into the account instead of external like the mini-audit
    • You are going to need to do this work anyways, so you might as well get paid
    • Gives them another hoop to jump through before the big commitment
    • If they want you to jump in right away and start fixing then, include cost of full-audit in the setup fee

Step 9) What to Charge

Start high, it makes you look more valuable and you can always offer a discount.

  • Mini-Audit - Free
  • Full-Audit - $1,000 or more (roughly 5 – 10% of ad spend)
  • Monthly Managment - depends on ad spend but roughly 15 – 20% of monthly ad spend
  • Cost should depend on work that needs to be performed
  • Account setup
    • E-commerce site MORE depending on number of products
    • Lead gen site LESS than e-commerce, cost depends on number of services
  • Don’t forget to charge for setting up the stats tracking
    • Google Analytics goal tracking
    • Google Adwords conversion tracking
    • Call tracking
    • Google Analytics E-Commerce tracking
  • Increase value instead of decreasing price
  • Discount for payment in advance (this works great towards the end of year)
  • Don’t be afraid to push back

Step 10) Contract/Agreement

Don’t forget this step, it’s one of the most important.

  • 12 month term with 90 day out if not happy
  • Autorenewal if not cancelled
  • Assignable
  • Mostly boilerplate except for Statement of Work
  • Statement of Work shows what you’re going to do
  • Set expectations of meeting times, mediums (in-person, phone, email, skype) and frequency
  • Show example of monthly reporting template

So that’s it. If you follow these steps you should be well on way to landing your first PPC client in no time.

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Only My Best for You,

Ben Pate

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